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AEP Fort Wayne Cooling Tower

AEP Fort Wayne
  • Owner: American Electric Power
  • Contractor: Bruner Corporation
  • Engineer: Bruner Corporation
  • Project Size: 1,200-ton Cooling Plant
  • Construction Schedule: 6 months
  • Completion Date: March 2008

Bruner Corporation was contracted to design and install a replacement chilled water cooling system for American Electric Power’s office facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The facility is 26 stories tall, has over 337,000 sq. ft. of occupied space, and remained completely occupied during the system replacement. The new 1,200-ton chilled water cooling system involved replacing the complete chiller plant, including pumping systems, piping, and controls. As a turnkey project for AEP, our scope of work included all facets of the plant, including commissioning, demolition, recycling, structural systems, general trades, electrical systems, and temperature controls. The new plant features a variable primary chilled water pumping system supplied by two 500-ton high-efficiency water cooled chillers and one 200-ton high-efficiency air cooled chiller that is connected to the buildings emergency power system. It replaced a 26-year-old, inefficient air cooled chiller plant. The project was completed per current LEED-EB standards.

First Community Village

First Community Village
  • Owner: First Community Village
  • Contractor: Bruner Corporation
  • Engineer: McHenry & Association
  • Architect: Perkins Eastman
  • Project Size: 275,000 sq. ft.
  • Construction Schedule: 24 months
  • Completion Date: March 2008

Bruner Corporation was a design-assist partner with the engineer of record for this project. The project team retained us during the design development process. Initially planned to be bid out as a plan-spec project, Bruner was able to demonstrate the benefits of becoming a team member early in the project to provide the engineer of record with valuable insight on methods to reduce the overall project costs while completely maintaining the engineer’s original design intent. Over 120 different value-engineering items have been proposed, with the value of the accepted value engineering items reducing the project costs by $530,000.00. A 600-ton chilled water plant distributes cooling to a combination of variable air volume and constant volume air handling units. A 14,000-mbh heating water plant provides the facilities heating requirements. Both the heating and chilled water plants use a primary-secondary pumping arrangement with the secondary pumps being able to vary water flow meet the buildings heating and cooling needs while conserving energy. The resident units use 4-pipe vertical fan coil units for their heating and cooling needs.

Motorist Insurance Chiller Plant Upgrade

Motorist Insurance
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  • Owner: Motorist Insurance
  • Contractor: Bruner Corporation
  • Engineer: Bruner Corporation
  • Architect: Bruner Corporation
  • Project Size: 800 Tons of Cooling
  • Construction Schedule: 3 months
  • Completion Date: February 2005

The project consisted of removing two existing chillers and two pumps and replacing them with two new 400 ton chillers and two 25 HP chilled water pumps and their related piping. Bruner preformed the project on a turnkey basis and was responsible for modifications to the electrical, temperature control, exhaust and air & water balancing mechanical system to accommodate the new equipment.