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OSU Rhodes Doan James Cancer Mechanical Upgrades

OSU RDJC   More Photos

  • Owner: The Ohio State University
  • Contractor: Turner-Bovis
  • Engineer: Karpinski Engineering
  • Project Size: 350,000 sq. ft.
  • Construction Schedule: 18 months
  • Completion Date: July 2012
Project consisted of replacing complete HVAC system for 11 story Rhodes Hall Hospital. The hospital is a 24/7 operation and required extensive planning with owner to maintain patient care while replacing all HVAC equipment and installing a new hot water heating piping system throughout the building. Existing air handlers were replaced in stages over 12 months. Access to floor air handlers was through outside louvres above hospital front entrance. Construction installation was staged in off shift periods to allow continued patient and family traffic flow during normal hours. 220 patient room HVAC units and related duct and piping were replaced in 17 phases with 2 days allowed for total replacement. 

Nationwide Children's Hospital Research Building 3 

  • Owner: Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Contractor: Turner Construction
  • Engineer: HAWA, Inc.
  • Architect: FKP Architechts
  • Project Size: 180,000 sq. ft.
  • Construction Schedule: 18 months
  • Completion Date: March 2012

Bruner Corporation is installing the plumbing systems for the Research Building on Nationwide Children’s Hospital campus consisting of domestic water, sanitary and storm, medical, natural and lab gas, in addition to fuel oil pipe and specialty piping systems such as aniaml watering, reverse osmosis and acid waste. The Bruner team will install over 66,000 feet of pipe and over 350 fixtures.

Nationwide Children's Hospital New Patient Tower

NCH New Patient Tower   More Photos

  • Owner: Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Contractor: TurnerSmoot
  • Engineer: HAWA Engineering
  • Architect: FKP Architechts
  • Project Size: 720,000 sq. ft.
  • Construction Schedule: 3 years
  • Completion Date: 2012
The centerpiece of the Nationwide Children’s Hospital master facilities expansion will be a new main hospital, opening in 2012, which will create the second largest pediatric hospital and research center in the U.S. The 12-story hospital, attached to the current facility, will encompass 720,000 square feet and overlook a new six acre park-like green space adjacent to Livingston Park. Currently, Nationwide Children’s accommodates more than 759,000 patient visits each year. By 2012 that number will grow to nearly one million. As a result, the new building will have an estimated capacity of 460 beds, all with enhanced modifications for patients and their families. Bruner was selected as a Design Build partner for the plumbing and medical gas piping for the Tower project. Bruner will install over 78 miles of piping for medical gas lines, domestic water, sanitary waste and storm piping. Over 2,480 plumbing fixtures will be installed as well as more than 3,920 medical gas outlets. 

Nationwide Children's Hospital Central Energy Plant            

NCH Central Energy Plant 
More Photos

  • Owner: Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Contractor: Gilbane
  • Engineer: HAWA Engineering
  • Architect: Moody-Nolan, Inc.
  • Project Size: 60,000+ sq. ft.
  • Construction Schedule: 24 months
  • Completion Date: 2010
Nationwide Children’s Hospital now powers their expanding campus with an environmentally friendly “green” Central Energy Plant, meeting all disaster preparedness requirements. The CEP is registered with the United States Green Building Council as “Certified” building under LEED NC 2.2. The 60,971+ sq. ft. power plant and provides heating, cooling, electricity and back-up generators to the entire campus. Bruner Corporation installed all major equipment including: three (3) 2,250 ton chillers, two (2) steam boilers totaling 4,600 steam hp (154,000 MBH), one (1) 1,200 hp steam boiler (40,000 MBH), three (3) 150 hp primary chilled water pumps, four (4) 250 hp condenser water pumps, three (3) 2,250 ton cooling towers with 100 hp motors in each and three (3) 20,000 cfm air handlers as well as all related piping. Bruner Corporation also installed the fuel oil system made up of four (4) 20,000 gallon underground storage tanks. Bruner piped the fuel oil system, exhaust and radiator to and from the four (4) diesel engine generator sets. The piping installed included up to 36” welded pipe within the CEP. 

Dublin Methodist Hospital

Dublin Methodist Hospital
More Photos
  • Owner: OhioHealth
  • Contractor: Elford Gilbane
  • Engineer: Dynamix Engineering
  • Architect: Karlsberger & Associates
  • Project Size: 300,000+ sq. ft.
  • Construction Schedule: 24 months
  • Completion Date: Fall 2007

Bruner was selected by the construction manager and OhioHealth to perform a major medical project on a design assist / team build basis. The new Dublin Hospital is a 300,000+ sq. ft. free standing complex with complete hospital and emergency services. During the design assist phase, Bruner worked closely with the consulting engineer and project team and has identified over 100 system alternatives that provide significant cost savings while protecting the owners interest from a quality and performance standpoint.

McConnell Heart Hospital at Riverside

McConnell Heart Hospital

  • Owner: OhioHealth
  • Contractor: Turner/Elford
  • Engineer: Dynamix Engineering
  • Architect: Karlsberger & Associates
  • Project Size: 200,000 sq. ft.
  • Construction Schedule: 24 months
  • Completion Date: June 2004

Project involved the upgrade and expansion of a 20 year-old operating data center to current technology for “mission critical” operation to assure that this facility’s operation would not be interrupted. This included replacing existing 1000 ton capacity cooling towers, pumps, piping and controls in a three phase process. 40 pipe-fitters worked a 12-hour shutdown to complete 60 tie-ins to existing piping in the data processing area. Bruner worked closely with the owner, engineer, and other contractors to identify equipment and systems critical to the immediate criteria for a Tier 4 system.