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Project Noble Data Center

  • Contractor: Holder Construction
  • Engineer: H.F. Lenz
  • Project Size: 114,000 sq. ft.
  • Construction Schedule: 12 months
  • Completion Date: June 2012

Bruner completed mechanical and plumbing systems for this new 114,000 sq ft, tier 4 data center. Extensive pre-planning and pre-fabrication was used to allow Bruner to complete the installation of all major piping systems between the months of July and December. Installation included: (4) 500 Ton Chillers, (2) 150 Ton Chillers, (4) Heat Exchangers, (14) Primary & Secondary Split Case Chilled Water Pumps, (6) Vertical Turbine Pumps, (2) 77,000 Gallon CHW Storage Tanks, a full fuel oil system including (4) 25,000 Gallon Underground Storage Tanks, a 300 ft long Insulated Metal Plenum complete with (14) Cooling Coils and (28) Fans for Server Floor Cooling, a Water Cooled Mainframe System, and (5) Heat Pump AHUs.

Project Buckeye Data Center

Project Buckeye Data Center
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  • Contractor: Bruner Corporation
  • Engineer: EYP
  • Architect: Corgan
  • Project Size: 300,000 sq. ft.
  • Construction Schedule: 14 months
  • Completion Date: September 2007

Bruner Corporation was selected as a partner on this unique, fast tracked 300,000 square foot Data Center project. Extensive pre-planning and fabrication were necessary in order to make this a successful project. 13,000 hours of the total 75,000 were performed by the Bruner Fabrication Shop. The underground plumbing began in July of 2006 and was completed in October of 2006. Mechanical piping began in January of 2007. In May of 2007 chilled water circulation began. The cooling system included (6) 1,000 ton chillers, (8) 1,000 gpm horizontal split case primary chilled water pumps, (8) 1,000 gpm horizontal split case secondary chilled water pumps, (14) 1,500 gpm vertical turbine condenser water pumps, (2) 1,000 ton plate and frame heat exchangers, (13) air handling units, (97) computer room air handlers and (8) battery exhaust systems. The emergency power system consist of (8) 2,000 kw generators, 30” generator exhaust with SCR scrubber system, (8) urea feed systems, (4) 30,000 gallon underground fuel oil storage tanks, (12) 400 gallon day tanks, (2) fuel oil control systems and (2) waste oil systems.