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Sustainability in Design & Operation

What is Sustainability?

“Providing for the needs of the present without detracting from the ability to fulfill the needs of the future.”
ASHRAE GreenGuide

Sustainable design and construction practices are at the core of the Bruner Corporation. We consistently strive to improve clients operations by reviewing the total cost of ownership for different mechanical system options. Bruner is dedicated and enthusiastic about bringing the latest energy efficient technology to our customers.

Working now for the future.

Whether your project involves new construction or an existing building, Bruner Corporation is working hard to provide the optimal environmental and economic performance • Increased efficiencies, saving energy and resources • Satisfying, productive, quality indoor spaces • Whole-building design, construction, and operation over entire life cycle • Fully integrated approach—teams, processes, systems for building owners and for future generations. It is Bruner’s goal to support the USGBC and the mission it was created to address. We will aid in raising consumer awareness, and promote the whole-building, integrated design processes.

Including Bruner Corporation early in the design phase of your project will allow for more effective solutions for energy savings and sustainable design features. Let Bruner help you with your sustainable project.

U.S. Building Impacts
Average Savings of Green Buildings