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About Us
Bruner Engineering
Bruner Corporation employs highly trained, specialized engineers to provide complete system schemes for new construction, design/build capabilities and unmatched expertise on retrofit projects. Their combined experience enables us to serve as total mechanical system integrators who redefine “turnkey” and “value-engineered” jobs.

Facility HVAC Systems

  • Load Calculation
  • Occupancy Utilization
  • Performance Specification
  • Equipment Application Analysis
  • Environmental/Regulatory Research
  • Dust/Fume Containment
  • Temperature Control – Design/Development
  • Pressurization Studies
  • Maintenance & Life Cycle Analysis
  • Cost of Operation Analysis
  • Conceptual, DD & Construction Drawings

Piping Systems

  • Piping Layout - Process/Utility/Plumbing
  • Permitting/Environmental
  • Application Engineering
  • Materials/System Evaluation
  • Equipment Sizing
  • As-Built Drawings/CADD
  • Performance Specifications
  • Means & Methods Evaluation