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Performance Solutions

Bruner is dedicated to improving your operations and reducing operating costs. Sustainable design and energy efficient practices are at Bruner’s core and we are passionate about finding the best solution for your unique facilities. 

During a performance program, we not only review HVAC and plumbing equipment, but also lighting, automation, electrical and building envelope systems. These programs allow building owners the flexibility to create a multi-year plan—even if funding is a challenge. There are many new financial and funding mechanisms available to building owners. Our team will work to secure assistance through grant provisions, tax credits, utility loan funds and Department of Energy resources. One of our PSG specialists can help you determine the best funding options for your project. 

Bruner’s Performance Solutions Group (PSG) works with you to:
  • analyze energy consumption, cost patterns, and future consumption trends of your facilities
  • provide insight on short and long term improvement opportunities

To get started, there are three steps for every performance project:

1. Develop an Energy Analysis

Bruner’s PSG Specialists will collect historical utility data on your buildings, analyze that information, and begin evaluating energy consumption trends and patterns associated with each utility source. Once this information is analyzed, projections for future costs are extrapolated.

2. Provide a Feasibility Study

At this point multiple surveys are conducted that focus on your facility and how it’s operating. These surveys report on items such as: equipment, operating hours, building usage, and maintenance activities. Upon evaluating all critical factors, Bruner’s engineers can develop a list of recommended performance improvements. The invested costs and associated returns from each improvement will be provided so that you can create a performance program that works with your investment strategy, financial hurdles, and operations needs. 

3. Provide an Investment Grade Audit to Implement the Program

The implementation plan is the third and final piece of your performance solutions project. This plan sheds light on necessary milestones to complete the recommended improvements, as well as identifies the decision steps along the way to get the program approved and moving forward.

 At Bruner, you can count on us to be your partner and give you quality guidance on energy management and sustainable advantage. If you’re interested in learning about your building’s performance, we’d enjoy talking with you. Email today.