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Virtual Design Construction

Bruner Corporation has led the development and employment of the 3D CAD coordination process for the MEP trades for over 10 years in Central Ohio. Utilizing Autocad 2011 and CadPipe, Bruner has set the standard for highly accurate and detailed modeling of the MEP systems for use in the trade coordination process and development of piping and duct fabrication drawings.

This process allows us to solve problems and eliminate trade conflicts long before they create schedule and cost issues in the field. It also contributes to a more efficient and productive field installation since the upfront thinking and planning has removed many of the obstacles that can impede installation in the field.

The 3D CAD process also generates the fabrication spool sheets that allow us to proceed with extensive pre-fabrication of heating piping, plumbing, medical gas and ductwork. This allows us to then provide lower cost fabrication at a higher quality than field fabricated systems while lowering the overall manpower needed in the field. Doing so also minimizes the time it takes to install the systems.

Through the use of the Bruner 3D CAD process we have been able to successfully perform the largest, most complex and most demanding mechanical projects in the Central Ohio area.